Studio Membership

For experienced potters, who are not interested in taking classes, use of the studio is available for $ 215.00 per month plus additional costs of firing fees of $.05 per cubic inch which includes both bisque & glaze firings & specialty clays like porcelain will be additional.  (Membership fee of $215 per month does not include firing fees.)

Memberships include 24/7/365 access to all of the studio facilities, all studio equipment (slab rollers, wheels, extruders, clays, glazes and kilns), clay, glazes and a private shelf H 14” x W 36” x D 18” (Shelf sizes may vary according to need) in addition to shared bisque and glaze shelving. Our studio clays are white stoneware, speckled brown and non-speckled brown stoneware and Brooklyn Red.  Additional fees for Dark Brown $16 per 25lb bag and Porcelain $20 per 25lb bag. 

A one month’s membership payment in addition will be required as a deposit and will be applied to your last month membership fee. Memberships can begin on the 1st or 15th of the current month or immediately and we will pro-rate the first month’s payment if necessary.  We suggest each member maintain $40 firing fee bank monthly.

A 30 day cancellation notice will be required. 

Become a member of Clayhouse Brooklyn

$215.00 /mo

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Want to learn more?
As a sister company of the Painted Pot, Clayhouse Brooklyn has offered pottery wheel classes since 1998. All classes are small and intimate and are taught by accomplished artists and instructors in a clean and bright studio, and located in all three Painted Pot locations.