COVID-19 Policies / Waivers


Community Safety Statement

Vaccination Policy


Community Safety

Safety is our priority here at The Painted Pot and ClayHouse Brooklyn.  The well-being of our staff, our instructors, our painters, clay members and our young artists under the age of 12 is our goal.


Vaccination Policy

In an effort to keep our community safe, starting September 7, 2021,  we are requiring all students and members, ages 12 years and older, in ClayHouse Brooklyn to show proof they are fully vaccinated.  Starting September 13, 2021, we are requiring all painters, 12 years and older, at The Painted Pot to show proof they are full vaccinated. Masks will continue to be required and there will be no exceptions. Our staff and instructors are fully vaccinated and will continue to wear masks daily.

We will validate vaccination status with documentation submitted online when all students register for all classes at ClayHouse Brooklyn.

We will validate status of documentation submitted online when making reservations to paint, with a physical vaccination card, photo of your vaccination card, or a state-provided digital record.

For unvaccinated painters, you are welcome to buy pottery and clay online to create at home.  The pricing is the same as in the studio so you can paint in the comfort of your home.

Thank you for your understanding as we work to provide a safe experience for all students, painters and especially our young artists under the age of 12.