ClayHouse Brooklyn Covid Policy and Plan

ClayHouse Brooklyn Covid Policy and Plan

At ClayHouse Brooklyn, the safety of staff, students and members is paramount and we have in place policies to specifically address risks and concerns due to Covid-19.

ClayHouse Brooklyn has, and will continue to, adhere to recommended guidelines regarding health and safety, which may include conducting health checks, use of masks, and social distancing.  Staff are required to be vaccinated against Covid -19 and vaccination is encouraged of all our students and members.

Individuals who should quarantine or isolate per current guidelines are expected to abide by requirements applicable to them and not attend class.

Additionally, individuals living in a household where someone has tested positive for Covid will not be admitted to in studio class until the Covid-positive household member is no longer required to isolate, and provided they themselves have no symptoms of Covid.

In the event an individual exhibits signs of Covid exposure or symptoms during Check-in or during the day, that individual is separated from others. ClayHouse Brooklyn staff will determine appropriate action, which may include arrangements to send the individual home.

ClayHouse Brooklyn adheres to robust cleaning procedures which include regular disinfecting of surfaces and professional cleaning of the studio.  Regular hand washing or use of hand sanitizer is encouraged for all students and members and disinfectant wipes are available for use as needed.

ClayHouse Brooklyn has installed Air Filtration that addresses concerns associated with the Coronavirus and provides an added level of protection against air-borne irritants to all users of our studio. The filters are Medical Grade True HEPA filters (MERV17). Regular HVAC maintenance and filter replacement provide a high quality air in our studio.

If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, please reach out to us in advance of your class or membership.